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What is this plant?

edited October 2016 in General
These plants keep popping up all over the place in my garden. Can anybody tell me what they are?


  • It is a little hard to tell from the pictures but I am wondering if it is an oak tree or desert ash tree? If they are popping up all over your garden one of these trees must be in your near your backyard and dropped it's seeds all around. Is it an acorn that the plant is growing from?
  • I've just googled those two that you mention and the leaves don't look the same. You can see the dark brown seed attached where it came from. I know it must be from a tree nearby but I'm yet to find the matching leaves.
  • If you google oak tree seedling there are definitely some major similarities between some of the images and your photo. There are different varieties of oak trees that may cause some of the differences between photos
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