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What fruit trees do you have?

Hi everybody,

This sub-forum seems to have gone a little quiet, so I'll try and ask everyone what they grow in the way of fruit. Growing region as well (as some plants obviously don't tolerate some growing regions as well as others). I'll start :)

I'm on the Darling Downs in QLD, and I have...

* Red Plum
* Seedless Valencia
* Marsh Grapefruit
* Pomegranate
* Black Mulberry
* White Muscat Grape
* Lisbon Lemon
* Lemonade Lemon
* Wampi (cold tolerant lychee)
* Ruby Grapefruit
* Seminole Tangelo
* Tahitian Lime
* Loquat
* Black Genoa Fig
* Dwarf Blood Orange
* Dwarf Yellow Nectarine
* Jaboticaba
* Dwarf Meyer Lemon
* Sharpe Blue Blueberry
* Wurtz Avocado
* Tamarillo
* Boysenberry

What do you all have?


  • one lemon and one lime, little embarassing eh!
  • Not at all! I started with the lemon and lime!
  • we have a small new orchard on the lower eyre peninsula. apricot and quince are doing really well and the new variety of PLUMCOT. it fruited heavily after only being in for 2 years. we have almonds, fuji apple, plum, nectarine and peach which are taking a long time to establish. We were given a fig cutting that has survived heavy frost but has a long way to go before fruit sets. last year we planted a valencia orange but that doesnt like it much. our temp can get to 43.c and more in summer and as low as 1.c in winter. it's is a huge experiment but a few "K" away a lady has abundance of fruit trees that crop well.
  • Best of luck experimenting losbrays - it can be frustrating but also very rewarding at the same time!
  • oh i forgot to add my banana trees and do you count passionfruits?
  • I'll count passionfruit! Hard to grow where I am, need to be WELL established before frost, and anything lower than -3c they struggle. Banana and Papaw are two fruits I'd like to try but too cold here.
  • In 2010 i started my new venture a small orchard of apples pears and some citrus trees january the 2011 all gone floods. We have just started again citrus apples walnut apricot peaches
  • good luck there George,wish you all the best
  • I have, dwarf Pomegranate,dwarf Black Mulberry,dwarf eureka lemon,dwarf lychee, dwarf Tahitian Lime, dwarf Washington orange,Dwarf Manderin, Black Genoa Fig, Brown Genoa Fig, Dwarf Red PawPaw, Jaboticaba, Black Sapote, Dwarf Wurtz Avocado, Britewell Blueberry, Golden Passionfruit, Black Passionfruit. Now looking for a good white seedless grape and dwarf grapefruit.

    This year I completed a build of a new house. Garden soil is pottery grade clay to 10 metres. So, built up beds around the house 600mm deep x 1m wide with soil blend of 75% top soil (lockyer valley) 10% coarse sand, 10% 10mm blue gravel, 5% aged sawdust, topped off with 150mm of forest mulch. To further aid drainage from raised beds, I have a 150mm socked agi pipe encased in 5mm blue gravel running under the beds.

    I have built a 5mx3m bush house to aid with shade plants and propagation of cuttings and seedlings.

    I have just completed the fitting of a reticulated water drip system from my water tank.

    To aid the fruit trees I will setup a native stingless bee hive this year. So, for them I will plant behind and amongst the fruit tree garden bee friendly plants such as Buddlega davidi, Blue Flax Lilly, lavandula and many varieties of daisy.

  • Sounds like an orchard you have going there, some great choices and a great soil mix too, I am definetly jealous. Good Luck with it. Are any of your plants espalliered? I am patiently training two Figs (black Gen and brown gen) along horizontal wires, in a way which was probably intended for grapes but increases yield and makes for easier picking (looks good too.) I also am keen to try the Jaboticaba in this style too. : )
  • Oldgeoff, how are you going with soil pH out of curiosity? I've always found the Lockyer soil to be a little on the alkaline side (although easily treated with sulphur). Kjw, you shouldn't have trouble with the jaboticaba, although I've personally found it tends to hedge rather than espalllier :)
  • In Melbourne - standard modern house block with heavy clay. We have Lemon, Cumquat, Avacado, Apple and Olive Trees. We also have a passionfruit, kiwifruit and gogiberrie vines. The only success we have had is with the apples but the herlequine bugs got those last season. I may rip out the lemon and start again as it has never fruited and I figure its feet are too soggy.
  • In Melbourne, in a former market garden area with slightly sandy soil. We have oranges, dwarf cherries, cumquats in pots, figs in pots, mandarins, lemons, pears, apples, blueberries, plums and an apricot. Not heaps of fruit yet as still getting established, but afourer murcott mandarin has had over 200 mandarins this season and only planted 3-4 years ago. Apricot is looking promising for the first time too.
  • I am in Cobram, Vic. (on the Murray river), and have the following: Apples - Braeburn, Early MacIntosh, Flamenco, Gala, Golden Delicious, Gravenstein, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Rome Beauty, Sturmer Pippin, and Sweetman. I also have Bullida, Early Moorpark, Goldrich, and Trevatt apricots, Narrabeen, Satsuma, and Santa Rosa Japanese plums, Coe's Golden Drop European plum, Bendigo Gold peach, Lapins, Simone, and Stella cherries, WBC, Corella, and Buerre Bosc pears, Imperial, Afourer, Ellendale, Honey Murcott, and Okitsu Wase mandarins, Valencia, Arnold blood, and an unspecified naval (yet to fruit), Tahitian Lime, Lemonade, Black Passionfruit, and Peanut butter bush.
    In the way of berry fruit, I have Blue Rose, Brigitta, Northland, and Sunshine Blue blueberries, Lowanna, Red Gauntlett, Temptation, and Torrey strawberries, Chilcotin, Diggers Gold, Heritage, Nootka, and Purple raspberries, Thornless Blackberries, Boysenberries, Loganberries, Youngberries, Sylvanberries, and the following grapes: Muscat, Waltham Cross, Sultana, Thomson Seedless, and Red Lady Finger, whew!
  • Very impressive, maybe you could have listed the plants you DO NOT have. ; )
    Which is your favourite? and which makes the most money? lastly do you have any of them espalliered?
  • Have only been in this property 8 months, spent most of that time clearing out the overgrowth in front half of property, Back half has 4 plums, 1 lemon, grapefruit and orange., 3 apple, and a couple I dont know as no fruit started yet.
  • New garden in 2012, planted 3 Lime trees 1 Grapefruit 2 apple trees 1 mulberry tree 1 passion fruit (nelly Kelly) and will plant out soon 1 Avocado tree also have a tomarrio

    also have possums I think they are eating the flowers on the lime trees

    Nelson Bay NSW
  • hi everyone i have just purchased my first fruit tree it is a Dorset Gold can anyone help me should i also purchase a Anna as a pollinator
  • We have been in Nowra NSW for less than a year and found we are based on a heavy clay soil. We are trying a Tahitian Lime and passionfruit. The lime has been in the ground since last November and is only just now showing signs of new growth, fingers crossed. Passionfruit was planted about 2 months ago. We are relatively new gardeners so any tips will be appreciated. :-)
  • I have Grumichama - Black here in Cromer, NSW. Often make great jelly from fresh berries for my friends and family. Delicous to taste
  • edited September 2014
    A lone Lemon, An abundant one tho :D She always has leaf growth, lemons and flowers :D the bee's do a fabo job for me :D
    I have a nectarine in a pot, to be planted out one day :/ & some bonsai nectarines lol I love a Bonsai :D But that's a convo for another thread :D
    Passion fruit that gave us an abundance and still has fruit on it :D
    I have a lilli pilly, I make jam from the fruit (Rosewater & Lilli Pilly Jam) Dad loves it :D :D
  • We have 1 Tahitian Lime, 1 Kaffa Lime, 1 double grafted orange tree, nashi pear, blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry all growing well we live in Spencer Gulf, South Australia
  • We have Eureka Lemon, dwarf washington orange, nectarine, peach, almond, (all in pots) strawberries,raspberries, blueberries and passionfruit. It is the almonds first year and we have been surprised by several almonds. Previously tried plums, apricots and apples but the bats and bugs beat us to the fruit!! We are on NSW South Coast.
  • Hi all, I love in East Gippsland in Victoria (100m from the lake edge)
    I have a (cold area) banana, a Eureka lemon, a lime, a pomegranate, an apricot, a yellow flesh peach, and a tamarillo. Tried strawberries last year but the ants and little white grubs got more than we did so pulled them out. A friend took some and has them as ground cover around her roses in Paynesville!
  • Hi everyone i live in Gilgandra NSW i have a orange,mandarine,fig,quince,and olive ,will be putting in a lemon and a Washington orange soon .cheers slammin
  • hello all I am in sunrasia Vic and I have a lemon, two orange, mandarin, apricot, mulberry tree, fig, two apples, pear, peach, nectarine, plum, lime, mango and a blue berry bush
  • Hi, I had a very large Apricot Tree which was already here 38 years ago,which after 33years the borers got into it and started to rot away but it was always loaded. Enough for us and the birds. Have had 2 Apple trees which went the same way as the apricot. Now I only have a Peacherine tree that has lovely juicy fruit each summer. I have to battle the curly leaf fungus and I've noticed that the borers are getting into it as well. I now mainly grow veggies for us and the kids and have fun eating all the produce with the grandkids as we harvest it. Oh, also I'm in the Geelong area.
  • We have just finished pruning all the blueberries on the berry farm. should be another bumper crop this harvest.
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