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Plum and Apricot trees

For 2nd year running I have had no fruit from either my plum or apricot trees. Both young trees [3rd. year]. Neither has yet borne any fruit.
The Apricot flowered early. No shortage of flowers. Not one fruit! Maybe no bees as too early?
Plum tree. Yet again this year covered with thousands very small fruit. All turned yellow and dropped off.Same happened last year. Not shortage of water as it literally hasn't stopped.

Both trees I though I put the right fertiliser [blood and Bone and Dynamic lifter] and both also sprayed weekly just before flowering right through to drop off of small plums and lack of apricot fruit with a solution of Thrive.

I don't want to go through this again next year. Seems futile to even have the trees. There are 2 different apple types and a peach of same age growing in the same space and sharing the same fertiliser as the Apricot and Plum and both have fruited well last year and progressing well this year so it can't be the soil or fertiliser [I presume]. VERY frustrating.

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