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How to look after a veggie patch

In my veggie patch i have: cos lettuce, spinach, carrots (just planted seeds), snow peas(just planted seeds), sugar snap peas(just planted seeds), broccoli, silverbeet, onions, garlic. How do i care for all of them without using a different product for each one? How much watering is required?


  • While this answer will be too late for you. It may help others! All vegetables need similar conditions: plenty of nutrients, water, sunshine and soil which is crumbly in texture. Get in there with your fingers and feel the soil. If it is moist, no need to water it. Otherwise if it's dry, give it a good soak. I am presuming you have added some compost or plant food before planting but a liquid feed would also be beneficial every few weeks or so. Hope you are enjoying your vegetables!
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