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How to safe my basil?

Hello there,
I have purchased a few different products from yates to help me control different kind of problems with my plants on my balcony. Unfortunately one of the products has already killed my basil once before. I have purchased new one. Its young seedlings and even though they are much bigger than when I purchased them - they are being eaten alive by green caterpillars. I am afraid to use any insects control spray right now. I have tried to hand-pick them but its really hard, because they are hard to spot. I have purchased "natural friendly" "Success ultra insect control" from Yates - containing spinetoram. Question is - could I use this for young basil without killing it??


  • What is wrong with this forum?
    Surely this would have been an easy question to answer by a Yates administrator.

    No point asking questions when administrators can't be bothered to reply, especially to questions like this one. I would have thought a question regarding their products would have been a priority for them as we are spending our money on their products.
    The reason we all join forums is to expand our knowledge. If the technical questions regarding the suppliers products are not answered by them, then there is no point being a member.

  • Hey Bergs.
    I've thought the same thing and then looked around their site more to find out that if you want answers by yates staff that you need to ask it as part of their garden club which is also free to join. They should make that a lot clearer. Not really sure what yates point is with this forum. It seems like it used to be used by staff years ago but not any more!
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