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Identify Weed in my Buffalo

Hi Crew. Was wondering if anyone knows what this weed is? It is spreading in my lawn and I am desparate to stop it. It has darker leaves and clumps. Pls see photos. Thank you very much for your help! Jack

Photo 1
Photo 2


  • Not sure of the species name, but it is a 'broad leaf grass' so can be poisoned with a Selective weed killer, this way you can spray the turf around it too without fear of killing your 'wanted' grass.
  • Thanks a lot KJW. Any ideas on which selective one to use mate? I am a bit concerned as the rest of the lawn is buffalo (palmetto). Thanks.
  • Oh, in that case don't spray it with selective poison, as it will surely kill your Buffalo as well, because it is classed as broad leaf too. Depending on the amount of lawn you have and the amount of weeds you want to remove, I would consider removing by hand.. if this is not practical you might consider one of the various 'Weed Wands' on the market, these work wonders in large turfed areas. You simply wipe the wand on undesirable weeds and the poison is applied with a wick (rope) that sucks the poison to the 'wiping end', this method ensures you only kill the target weeds and not large areas of turf as well.
    If you are into Organic gardening, with time on your side, boiling water applied out of your kettle will have those weeds curling up and dying almost straight away.. this method also kills the dormant seeds who are biding their time until next season.. finally if these weeds outnumber your palmetto, you may have to consider completely killing whole areas with any weedkiller and then resowing your turf. hope I don't confuse u further..
    : )
  • Thanks a lot KJW!
  • Hey not sure you guys but is that a variety of couch grass? Or one of those ornamental grasses. If is a couch I mowed my lawn really long with a mulch attachment Sir Walter soon outgrew and over run this bowling green. lol. But kjw is boss with this stuff
  • I would prefer going with the organic method. It is much safer.
  • Paspalum. Dig out or spot it.
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